Optical Transceiver

Optical modules by RED EAGLE from our commissioned production – 3 years of guarantee – 100% compatible – saving up to 85 % compared to the original – constant availability – precisely manufactured with MSA – competent advice.

The majority of manufacturers such as Cisco, HP or Avaya do not produce their optical transceivers themselves. What they do instead is, they buy standard products and simply put on their label and article numbers. The prices of these original products in general are disproportionately high. RED EAGLE offers you compatible solutions at a fraction of the costs for original transceivers – without restraints in quality and function.

We offer you the perfect solution with our transceivers!

The synergy from the following factors:

  • Cost saving
  • Quality
  • Profit


  • 3 years of functionality guarantee on compatible transceiver moduled
J9150AProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ SR Transceiver,300m
J9151AProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ LR Transceiver,10Km
J9152AProCurve 10-GbE SFP+ LRM Transceiver,100m
A7446B1G/2G/4G SW SFP,850nm
J4858A1000Base-SX SFP,MMF,850nm,550M
J4858B1000Base-SX SFP,MMF,850nm,550M
J4858C1000Base-SX SFP,MMF,850nm,550M
J4859A1000Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
J4859B1000Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
J4859C1000Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
J4860A1000Base-ZX SFP,SMF,1550nm,70km
J4860B1000Base-ZX SFP,SMF,1550nm,70km
J4860C1000Base-ZX SFP,SMF,1550nm,70km
J8173A10GBASE-LR XENPAK Module for SMF,1310nm,10KM
J8175A10GBASE-SR XENPAK Module for MMF,850nm,300M
J8176A10GBASE-ER XENPAK Module for SMF,1550nm,40KM
J8177C1000Base-T SFP,Copper
J8436A10GBASE-SR X2 Module for MMF,850nm,300M
J8437A10GBASE-LR X2 Module for SMF,1310nm,10KM
J8438A10GBASE-ER X2 Module for SMF,1550nm,40KM
J8440B10GBASE-CX4 X2 Transceiver
J9281BHP X242 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 1m Direct Attach Copper Cable
J9283BHP X242 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 3m Direct Attach Copper Cable
J9285BHP X242 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 7m Direct Attach Copper Cable
J9142B1000-BX-D SFP,LC,Tx1490nm/Rx1310nm ,10Km
J9143B1000-BX-U SFP,LC,Tx1310nm/Rx1490nm,10Km
J9677AHP X172 1G SFP LC LH80 80km 1470nm CWDM Transceiver
J9678AHP X172 1G SFP LC LH80 80km 1479nm CWDM Transceiver
J9679AHP X172 1G SFP LC LH80 80km 1510nm CWDM Transceiver
J9680AHP X172 1G SFP LC LH80 80km 1530nm CWDM Transceiver
J9681AHP X172 1G SFP LC LH80 80km 1550nm CWDM Transceiver
J9682AHP X172 1G SFP LC LH80 80km 1570nm CWDM Transceiver
J9683AHP X172 1G SFP LC LH80 80km 1590nm CWDM Transceiver
J9684AHP X172 1G SFP LC LH80 80km 1610nm CWDM Transceiver
JD060AHP X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 10m Direct Attach Cable
JD061AHP X125 1G SFP LC LH40 1310nm Transceiver
JD062AHP X120 1G SFP LC LH40 1550nm Transceiver
JD063BHP X125 1G SFP LC LH70 Transceiver
JD083AHP X135 10G XFP LC ER Transceiver (H3C 0231A03W)
JD089B1000Base-T SFP,Copper
JD090AHP X110 100M SFP LC LH40 Transceiver
JD092BSFP+ 10GBASE-SR, 850nm, MMF 300m
JD094BSFP+ 10GBASE-LR,1310nm, SMF 10Km
JG234ASFP+ 10GBASE-ER,1550nm, SMF 40Km
JD095BHP X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 0.65m DA Cable
JD096BHP X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 1.2m DA Cable
JD097BHP X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 3m DA Cable
JD095CHP X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 0.65m DA Cable
JD096CHP X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 1.2m DA Cable
JD097CHP X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 3m DA Cable
JG081CHP X240 10G SFP+ SFP+ 5m DA Cable
JD098B1000-BX-U SFP,LC,Tx1310nm/Rx1490nm,10Km,DDM
JD099B1000-BX-D SFP,LC,Tx1490nm/Rx1310nm ,10Km, DDM
JD100AHP X115 100M SFP LC BX 10-U Transceiver,DDM
JD101AHP X115 100M SFP LC BX 10-D Transceiver,DDM
JD102BHP X110 100M SFP LC FX Transceiver,DDM
JD103AHP X120 1G SFP LC LH100 Transceiver(H3C 0231A321),DDM
JD105AHP X135 10G XENPAK SC ER Transceiver(H3C 0231A324),DDM
JD106BHP X130 10G XENPAK SC SR Transceiver,DDM
JD107AHP X130 10G XFP SC ZR Transceiver(H3C 0231A41G),DDM
JD108B10GBASE-LR XFP Module for SMF,1310nm,10KM,DDM
JD109AHP X170 1G SFP LC LH70 1550nm Transceiver(H3C 0231A449),DDM
JD110AHP X170 1G SFP LC LH70 1570nm Transceiver(H3C 0231A450),DDM
JD111AHP X170 1G SFP LC LH70 1590nm Transceiver(H3C 0231A451),DDM
JD112AHP X170 1G SFP LC LH70 1610nm Transceiver(H3C 0231A452),DDM
JD113AHP X170 1G SFP LC LH70 1470nm Transceiver(H3C 0231A453),DDM
JD114AHP X170 1G SFP LC LH70 1490nm Transceiver(H3C 0231A454),DDM
JD115AHP X170 1G SFP LC LH70 1510nm Transceiver(H3C 0231A455),DDM
JD116AHP X170 1G SFP LC LH70 1530nm Transceiver(H3C 0231A456),DDM
JD117B10GBASE-SR XFP Module for MMF,850nm,300M,DDM
JD118B1000Base-SX SFP,MMF,850nm,550M,DDM
JD119B1000Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM,DDM
JD120BHP X110 100M SFP LC LX Transceiver,DDM
JD493A1000Base-SX SFP,MMF,850nm,550M( 3CSFP91)
JD494A1000Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
3CXENAK9410GBASE-SR XENPAK Module for MMF,850nm,300M
3CXENPAK9210GBASE-LR XENPAK Module for SMF,1310nm,10KM
3CXENPAK9610GBASE-ER XENPAK Module for SMF,1550nm,40KM
3CXFP9410GBASE-SR XFP Module for MMF,850nm,300M
3CXFP9210GBASE-LR XFP Module for SMF,1310nm,10KM
3CXFP9610GBASE-ER XFP Module for SMF,1550nm,40KM
3CGBIC911000Base-SX GBIC,MMF,850nm,550M
3CGBIC921000Base-LX GBIC,SMF,1310nm,10KM
3CGBIC971000Base-ZX GBIC,SMF,1550nm,70km
3CGBIC931000Base-T GBIC,Copper
3CSFP81100Base-FX SFP,MMF,1310nm,2KM
3CSFP82100Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
3CSFP85100Base-BX SFP ,Tx1550/Rx1310nm,15Km
3CSFP86100Base-BX SFP ,Tx1310/Rx1550nm,15Km
3CSFP911000Base-SX SFP,MMF,850nm,550M
3CSFP921000Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
3CSFP971000Base-ZX SFP,SMF,1550nm,70KM
3CSFP931000Base-T SFP,Copper
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