Optical Transceiver

Optical modules by RED EAGLE from our commissioned production – 3 years of guarantee – 100% compatible – saving up to 85 % compared to the original – constant availability – precisely manufactured with MSA – competent advice.

The majority of manufacturers such as Cisco, HP or Avaya do not produce their optical transceivers themselves. What they do instead is, they buy standard products and simply put on their label and article numbers. The prices of these original products in general are disproportionately high. RED EAGLE offers you compatible solutions at a fraction of the costs for original transceivers – without restraints in quality and function.

We offer you the perfect solution with our transceivers!

The synergy from the following factors:

  • Cost saving
  • Quality
  • Profit


  • 3 years of functionality guarantee on compatible transceiver moduled


GBIC-SX1000Base-SX GBIC,MMF,850nm,550M
GBIC-LX1000Base-LX GBIC,SMF,1310nm,10KM
GBIC-LH-701000Base-ZX GBIC,SMF,1550nm,70km
GBIC-C 1000Base-T GBIC,Copper
MiniGBIC-SX1000Base-SX SFP,MMF,850nm,550M
MiniGBIC-LX1000Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
MiniGBIC-LH-701000Base-ZX SFP,SMF,1550nm,70KM
SFP-100-LC-MM100Base-FX SFP,MMF,1310nm,2KM
SFP-100-LC-SM15100Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
SFP-100-LC-SM40100Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,40KM
SFP-100-BX-U100BX-U TX1310/RX1550, LC connector, 20KM
SFP-100-BX-D100BX-D TX1550/RX1310, LC connector, 20KM
SFP-GIG-T1000Base-T SFP,Copper
SFP-GIG-SX1000Base-SX SFP,MMF,850nm,550M
SFP-GIG-LX1000Base-LX SFP,SMF,1310nm,10KM
SFP-GIG-LH401000Base-ZX SFP,SMF,1310nm,40KM
SFP-GIG-LH701000Base-ZX SFP,SMF,1550nm,70KM
SFP-GIG- CWD60XXXX=1470~1610, 1.25G CWDM SFP,70KM
SFP-GIG-BX-U1000BASE-BX-U single fiber,Tx1310nm/Rx1490nm,20KM
SFP-GIG-BX-D1000BASE-BX-D single fiber,Tx1490nm/Rx1310nm ,20KM
iSFP-10G-SRSFP+ 10GBASE-SR,850nm, MMF 300m
iSFP-10G-LRSFP+ 10GBASE-LR,1310nm, SMF 10Km
iSFP-10G-LRMSFP+ 10GBASE-LRM,1310nm, MMF,300m
iSFP-10G-ERSFP+ 10GBASE-ER,1550nm, SMF 40Km
SFP-10G-C1M 10GSFP+ directed attached copper cable , 1M
SFP-10G-C3M10G SFP+ directed attached copper cable , 3M
SFP-10G-C7M10G SFP+ directed attached copper cable , 7M
OC3-SFP-LR1SFP OC-3/STM-1 Long-Reach,40KM,1310nm wavelength
OC3-SFP-IRSFP OC-3/STM-1 Intermediate-Reach,15KM,1310nm wavelength
OC12-SFP-SRSFP OC-3/STM-1 Short-Reach,2KM,1310nm wavelength
OC12-SFP-IRSFP OC-12/STM-4 Short-Reach,2KM,1310nm wavelength
OC12-SFP-LR1SFP OC-12/STM-4 Intermediate-Reach,15KM,1310nm wavelength
XFP-10GE-SR10GBASE-SR XFP Module for MMF,850nm,300M
XFP-10GE-LR10GBASE-LR XFP Module for SMF,1310nm,10KM
XFP-10GE-ER4010GBASE-ER XFP Module for SMF,1550nm,40KM
XFP-10GE-ZR8010GBASE-ZR XFP Module for SMF,1550nm,80KM