The continous change in network-technology shifts the demands for the physical transmission medium, meaning the passive components of  the network-technology. To choose the most convenient passive components we always respect the interference resistance, the possibilities for amplification, the distance to bridge (most notably), the requested transimission speed and certainly the cost for wiring. Furthermore it is crucial, that the passive components can be used also for future standards and therefore ensure a save investment.

As all passive components are the basis of the performance of the network, the Red Eagle IT Distribution demands the greatest technical deal for all engaged products.

Optical fibre cable and connection technology

The Red Eagle IT Distribution provide you with the flexibility you need for your projects.

We can offer you all: from unpopulated  splice-/fibre-boxes and a large offer of equipement up to populated  splice-/fibre-boxes and individual customisation. 

Plugs engaged: ST, SC, LC, FC, MTRJ, DIN

Fibers engaged: Multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4) / Singlemode (OS1, OS2)

Our products:

  • Verlegekabel
  • Vorkonfektionierte Kabel
  • LWL Spleißboxen leer
  • LWL Spleißboxen konfektioniert
  • Wandverteiler (unbestückt / bestückt) und Zubehör
  • Baugruppenträger, Compact Module und Zubehör
  • Kupplungen 
  • Faser-/ Kabelpigtails
  • Patchkabel
  • Vorlauffaser / Nachlauffaser 
  • Stecker
  • Dämpfungsglieder
  • Reinigungsmaterial
  • Muffen

Copper cable and connection technology

With the Red Eagle IT Distribution you profit from the variety of products from the producers/manufactures in combination with cost-efficient OEM-products. Just decide for one of our systems or choose one single component. We enjoy to give you individual advice in order to choose the most tailored and cost-effective option for you.

Available classes: Class C, Class D, Class E, Class EA, Class F, Class FA

Available categories: Cat. 3, Cat. 5, Cat. 6, Cat. 6A, Cat. 7A

Our Products:

  • Verlegekabel
  • Trunkkabel
  • Patchkabel
  • Patchpanel
  • Anschlussdosen
  • Abdeckrahmen, Aufputzgehäuse
  • Module
  • Modularstecker
  • Modularkupplung
  • Modularadapter
  • Kabelverbindungsmodule

Network board

The Red Eagle IT Distribution offers you cost-saving 19´´racks to store all your active and passsive component of your network tidily. Different types and dimensions offer a maximum of flexibility.

Our products:

  • wall housing 19″ mit 4 HE
  • wall housing 19″ mit 9 HE
  • wall housing 19″ mit 12 HE
  • wall housing 19″ mit 15 HE
  • wall housing 19″ mit 18 HE
  • wall housing 19″ mit 22 HE
  • wall housing 19″ mit 27 HE
  • wall housing 19″ mit 32 HE
  • wall housing 19″ mit 42 HE
  • wall housing supplies 19″